Skin itching from insect bites, rashes, cuts?

Skin itching from insect bites, rashes, cuts?

Spring, Summer any season, the time for all those annoying skin itching from bug bites/stings and skin rashes from “you don’t know where it came from…but it is bothering me so much.” During any of the seasons when the universe of life from other beings (insect and parasites) consumes our bodies. First thing to do is “Don’t Scratch” it. This causes further skin irritation and can multiply the pathogens to spread more. Next spray Itch Relief Skin Nutrient directly on the area…let it air dry and if needed apply again. In minutes you will feel and see the results of an itch that’s eliminated-soothed and healed the area. How does it work? 

Simply… Oxygen! 

Just like our red blood cells are oxygenated and the fighting action in our white blood cells are to fight pathogens, Itch Relief Skin Nutrient System sprays assist in the fight from the top layer to share in the battle. 

Fast Action – Safely – Effectively.

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