Itch Relief Skin Nutrient System spray helps anyone with annoying itchy skin problems. It provides 100% effectiveness to eliminateheals, soothes itchy, chaffing and irritated skin from head to toe. Itch Relief Skin Nutrient System spray is FDA/GRAS approved, safe, non-toxic with no preservatives or additive. 

Skin problems are from pathogens that lives on our skin. These pathogens our skin is their “Universe. Pathogen’s lives inside our bodies and on our skin. They are fungusparasitesviruses and bacteria, mold and mildew I call them “critters.”The term critters refers to these “pesky little buggers”. They in reality “annoying itch/havoc makers” . The fact that they are living organisms that live and thrive in nature and because we are part of nature, they are all over our bodies  yes EVERYONE’S body!

These micro  “critters” explorethrive, feast and populate from the top of you head to the bottom of your feetAND…all inside you too! You ask…How do I know this simple, cause life in not “Rocket Science” it’s all about the existence of life among us. Its just nature doing it’s thing, LIVING! 


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